My Gripe – Child Murders update

On this Sunday of Child month, the video above should serve as a  painful reminder to all of us that too many of our children as been abused

In the last couple of years there have been a number of high profile cases where parent/s have murder there childrens.  The reason these children have been killed is so ridiculos, it beggars belief.

How can any mother allowed their children to be killed because their boyfriend do not want children? or they want to hold on to the idiot.

The fact that a Mother can strap her children in a car and push the car into the pond/river knowing full well that they are going to drown, I cannot begin to even imagine anything more revolting .

Yesterday another mother was jailed for life for the murder of her child, the part of the report that get me, is as reported in the ‘Evening Standard’ paper this baby was kicked, punch and shaken, he was only 21 moths old, then left to die a horrible death.  As reported in the paper the injuries to this baby was compared to ” The baby suffered brain damage equal to high speed car crash victims and bleeding within the skull”.

I had to agree with The Recorder of London Peter Beaumont QC when he made this comment; “a terrible thing to do and for reasons that are quite incomprehensible.”  That I believe was mild, in comparison as to what I would have said to her.

Woman like that should be put through the same agony and pain that they put their children through.  I am not one for supporting violence, but these stories are becoming too frequent.  There are millions of women in the world that would give anything to become a mother, and due to infertility or some other medical problems they are unble to do so, and here are these unfit, selfish, self-centred and downright disgusting females having kids that they ended up murdering. – LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.


These are the stories that Pro-Lifer needs to focus on, and realise that in these cases woman like that would have been better off having on abortion.  Irrespective of what Pro-Life belife there is no way that a fetus would have endured that level of pain and agony, that this baby suffered in his 21 months on Earth.  In my personal opinion, abortion would have been a more viable action and that evil woman would not be going to prison now for, if I have my say the rest of her natural life.

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