My Gripe – A cartoon reminder – No resignation

By Sandrea

What would come as a shock is if the Jamaican PM did resigned.

Power corrupt, as they say there are two many people in powerful positions that have lied, conned and hook-wink a great many people .  Yet still hold on to power and the Jamaican Prime Minister is no exceptions to the rule.

One has to have a level of integrity to know that if they did something that is wrong, they should not need anyone to tell them that they should withdraw from there positions, in order to preserve and maintain the dignity of, whether it is a company or in this case the PM of a country.

Even if the JLP party executive has told Bruce Golding that they would not accept his resignation, if he was a man of honour he would insisted that what he did was wrong, that he had betray the trust of the Jamaican people and because of that he had no other choice than to step aside.

The reasons he has not done so is  because he does not believe that he has done anything wrong.  Of course, he believe that he had the right to personally get involved with the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke affairs and as such he honestly believe that he should remain Prime Minister.

When does one moral compass, alert one that their behaviour is atrocious?   It is very important, especially for those that hold high office, are task with the job of governing a country to have a higher standard than the rest of us.  These are people who are making decisions that affect the everyday life of thousands of people.  If they are incapable of leading by example, then we have reached a low in politics that will be very hard to repair in years to come.

Mr Golding, must now be aware that his position on the international market is damaged considerable.  That he his now a joke, that no one is every going to take him serious.  His reputation and integrity as been seriously called into question.  If he had done the decent thing and resigned then most people both in Jamaica and overseas may have forgiven him.  They would have chalk it up to human infallibility.  The fact that he his holding on to an untenable position demonstrates that he his without doubt a man with no decency or morals of what is right and what is wrong, that is not good for Jamaicans.

No matter, what Jamaicans  achieved in the months and years to come, will always be over-shawdowed by the fact that they have a PM who right and wrong means nothing to.

I hope you are pleased with yourself Mr Golding, you have single-handily damage all Jamaicans faith, wherever we are.

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