Muammar Gaddafi in excellent health

MUAMMAR Gaddafi is “in excellent health and planning and organising Libya’s defence”, his spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said.

“We are still powerful,” he told Syria’s Arrai television channel, adding the sons of the toppled dictator “had assumed their role in the defence of and sacrifice for” their country.

Pledging “a fight to the death or until victory,” Mr Ibrahim, who is thought to be in the loyalist oasis town of Bani Walid that has been besieged by anti-Gaddafi fighters, said: “We will fight and resist for Libya and for all Arabs”.

Mr Ibrahim branded the new rulers “NATO agents” and accused them of “committing crimes, above all rape, murder and looting”.

“Libya will never fall and the worthy tribes are defending and will continue to defend each of the free towns and recapture those that have been raped,” he said.

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