Money, the root of all evil

Sandrea: – MY OPINION

Whoever coined the phrase ‘money is the root of all evil’ could not have been more accurate.

The story featured in the Evening Standard entitled ‘Cleaner murdered widower for money’ is yet another indication of the way in which we put money and possession over the life of an individual.  To be beaten and then buried like a dog in the garden of the perpetrator of the crime is disgraceful.

How anyone could beat an 82 year old man simply to get hold of his finance and credit card in order that she can go shopping.  This man worked all his life and when he reaches the age to enjoy the fruit of his labour there come along an unscrupulous individual and took away his life for her own gratification.

Ann Browning should serve life and life should mean just that, the thought of having this individual out of prison after 25 years would cause fear among the elderly.  She may be 54 years old and in 25 years time she would be 79, however the fact that people are living longer and stronger do not make me believe that she would not murder another elderly person to acquire their resources . 

It is unbelievable the methods that people would use to acquire money, and they do not seem to understand that you can work to achieve this, where people get this attitude to ‘get rich quick’ is one of the reasons that there is so much crime within our society.

This incident just make me so angry to think that we have to share our planet with these downright evil and wicked individuals makes me sick to the stomach.  Where do these people get off believing they have the right to take away somebody’s life in order the steal what does not belong to them?

The riots that we have seen in London over the last few days, some of the individuals were not concerned with the fact that Mr Duggan was shot and killed their only reason for rioting is to steal from the shops, burn building and personal property.  Who do they believe is going to bear the brunt of their selfish actions?

Insurance premium is going to rocket, especially for individual living within the areas or the riots and once again the actions of selfish people will cause the vast majority of decent individuals to pick up the cost of their actions.

Whatever way it goes whether it the taking of a pensioner’s life or rioting there remains the same disgusting attitude of human beings and it does not seem to be getting any better.  The propensities of the human being to inflict pain on each other never fail to amaze me.

I sincerely hope that after Ann Browning serve her recommended 25 years in prison the parole board refuse her and ensure that she stays locked up in prison for her entire life for the dastardly deed that she has done and the pain she as inflicted on the family of  Mr Williamson.



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