Ministry sets up blind dates to boost birthrate – Wedding AccessoriesA rare matchmaking event is to be held next week — at the national level.

As part of its efforts to tackle a falling birthrate here, the Ministry of Health and Welfare is pushing ahead with a group blind date between employees at government offices and private companies.

All officials at ministries and their affiliated public institutions are allowed to apply for the event, which is scheduled on May 19 at a convention center in southern Seoul.

Participants are to decide their partners after programs such as recreational games and musical performances.

“We were planning to invite five ministries. While preparing for the event, the range of applicants has been expanded to include all ministries,” said an official of the Health Ministry.

The number of participants is to be decided on May 12, the closing day of application, the official said.

It is the first time that all ministries have joined to hold such an event with private companies.

In March, the Health Ministry had arranged a group blind date of its employees in cooperation with Lotte Department Store, a major retailer.

A total of 58 unmarried people participated in the event, with 10 couples said to be still dating.

In the March event, female employees made up most of the participants.

Lotte accepted a total of 60 applications in the order of arrival and 42 of them were women. Of the total 58 applicants at the Health Ministry, 41 were women.

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