Men – where are your brains?

By Sandrea:-MY GRIPE

Over the past couple of days there have been three incidents that have made me believe that some men have failed miserable to use their brains and that they still have yet to emerge from the dark ages and realise that we are now residing in the 21st century and not back in the days when women could be burnt at the stake for being labelled a witch.

It would appear that these men believe that it is ok to make derogatory comments at women irrespective of how vile and disgusting those comments are and the biggest disrespect of all is that they seems to forget that their mother are women.

Listed below are three of the worse comments that I believe have been made against women within the last month.

  • UK – Richard Keys and Andy Gray suspended for making a series of sexist comments against Sian Massey, Assistant referee, in which they infer “women don’t know the offside rule” the game of football as gone mad. Irrespective of the fact that the call that Sian made was indeed correct.
  • US – Nir Rosen making is derogatory remark against Lara Logan who was raped and beaten in Cairo whilst covering the Egyptian uprising.  His comments via Twitter, “Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major warmonger”

How totally insensitive and callous for anyone to make such infantile comment about another human being especially in a time when that individual was beaten, raped have her rights violated in such a inhumane manner.

  • Canada – Constable Michael Sanguinetti forced to apologise to Osgoode Hall Law School for commenting that “women can avoid sexual assault by not dressing like ‘sluts’.

Three different countries and three derogatory comments against women and what they all have in common, all made by men who have not emerge from their Neanderthal behaviour.  I really should use the term archaic because comparing these men to Neanderthal is a grave insult to the Neanderthal men.

Where do these men get off behaving like spoil brat, they seem to forget the women have emerge from the kitchen sink to the boardroom and despite their ridiculous and stupid comments they cannot and will not put the genie back into the bottle and they will either have to deal with it or as the saying goes “put up or shut up”.

It is time that men use what brains that they were born with for constructive comments rather that constantly making themselves out to be such fools and tarnishing the reputation of other forward thinking men who would not and will not subscribe to the few idiots that are among us.

I do believe that there are many men who are fuming from reading these comments as they themselves cannot believe that there are still such unintelligent men amongst us in this century.  No one can legislate against individual beliefs however, one should keep these beliefs private and they should not use social network or any other media forum to make their clearly bias and disgusting comments.

It is my belief that these incident will be the last that we see and that men especially those that are in the public domain use their brains in a more constructive manner rather than for behaviour that does not befit the human race and does not have any part in a modern and forward thinking society.

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