McDonald’s cashier fight caught on video

A NEW York City McDonald’s cashier savagely beat two women customers with a metal rod after they jumped the counter – a disturbing bashing caught on camera and posted to YouTube.

“Stop it! Stop! Stop! Oh, my God!” one woman is heard screaming in the video, which has been viewed more than 700,000 times. “Someone call police!”

One woman was left with a fractured skull and broken arm, and the other suffered cuts from the early Thursday brawl at the fast food restaurant on West Third Street near Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, of The Bronx – who in 2000 was convicted of manslaughter – was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Customers Denise Darbeau, 24, of Queens, and Rachel Edwards, 24, of Brooklyn, were charged with menacing, according to WPIX-TV.

The restaurant’s owner, Carmen Paulino, told NBC New York she was “extremely disturbed” by the events.

 “The actions of this individual are unacceptable and not characteristic of my employees,” she said. “This individual no longer works for my organisation.”

But while some people have been outraged by the actions of McIntosh, others are calling him a hero.

The Rayon McIntosh Defense Fund has been set up on Facebook and is just one of several cyber-support pages.

The 31-year-old worker’s dad is also solidly in his son’s corner.

“You can’t go into a person’s workplace and attack them,” Rayon McIntosh Sr., 54, told the Post. “Let’s be real now – this was self-defence.”

The fight began when the women swore at McIntosh after he questioned a $50 note they passed him.

Darbeau slapped him and jumped over the counter as her friend jumped into the fray.

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