Man blows up house with vodka home brew

A BRITISH man was left dazed and wandering the streets in his singed underwear after almost blowing himself up brewing home-made vodka.

Ten neighbouring dwellings had to be evacuated after Lawrence Toms, 43, had a tinker with his distillation equipment, sparking an explosion so powerful it blew out the windows and damaged the roof of his home in southern Wales, newspaper the Daily Express reported.

Neighbours said Mr Toms, an inventor, had been making vodka after downloading a recipe from the Internet.

The crews of four fire engines battled a blaze while Mr Toms was taken to a specialist burns unit for treatment. Police have begun to investigate the explosion.

Mr Toms is believed to have made a still in a bedroom of the terrace house.

“It’s crazy. You don’t go making something like that in a terrace street, especially where there are kids about,” neighbour Susan Minty told the Express.

“The firefighters told us we were lucky the whole street didn’t go up.”

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