Libya, UN say All necessary measures

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The green light as been given by the United Nations resolution to take all necessary measures to ensure that Gaddafi does not use the might of is army to suppress and slaughter the people of Libya.  It is the welcome news that the Libyans who which to be freed from the tyranny of Gaddafi’s many years of reign have been waiting to hear and they seems to be rejoicing.

However, the ‘no-fly zone’ although a start to let Gaddafi know that the west will not tolerate is brutality against the people military actions by the US, France, Britain and the other NATO allies is a completely different thing. Many people will welcome this decision but will have some scepticism as they are only too aware that the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan did not go exactly according to plan and many young soldiers have lost their life defending people they did not know, but rallying to the cry of their countries leaders to go into battle.

If, following the United Nations resolution the west is going to employ military actions against Gaddafi let’s make sure it is well planned and executed effectively.  In war there are always going to be casualties on both side as Gaddafi military personnel is not going to lay down and play dead and Gaddafi is not going to relinquish power without being forced to do so, so in that vein knowing that we are going to lose lives, let us make absolutely sure that the lives of our military personnel is kept to the minimum and Gaddafi and is cronies are removed from Libya with minimal lost of life.


The European Union welcomed the UN resolution and the head of the European Parliament said “there was no time to waste” to enforce it. And leading American senators John McCain, John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman urged swift implementation of the measures. However, I have to agree with Barack Obama that we must have a strategy before rushing headlong into Libya.

The people of Libya are suffering and we sympathise with them but we cannot help them if we are going to rush into Libya simply to appease those who want to see another war.  It would be better it the fact that Gaddafi realise that the United Nations is not playing around with him and the eminent treat of military action by the allies are a reality he would resign his post and go quietly into oblivion and prevent the death of both his people and the allies, would be welcome.

War is ugly and this planet have seen enough of her fair share of war the subsequent aftermath, we have seen Korean, Vietnam, World wars 1 and 2, Iraq, Afghanistan and all of those conflict have heavy human cost and there are thousands of lives lost hundred left maimed, crippled and some forgotten.

For those that are calling for swift actions to the Libyan crisis, those that stay many miles away from the war zones and watch as military personnel from all side died they should not be in such a hurry to encourage the President to rush into war.

Let us hope that Gaddafi will come to his senses and remove himself from power, let the people of Libya decide their own destiny, irrespective of whether they choose the right or the wrong person to lead them, but they will have the ability to democratically get rid of any government they voted in, the same way in which western society and it’s people have the opportunity to elect and reject our leader by a democratic process, and does not have to take up arms to do so.

I appreciate the US President Stance on the resolution, let us plan a strategy, if we have to go to war, one that will see Gaddafi remove from power without devastating the country and inflicting unnecessary hardship on the very people we are trying to help.

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