Kidnappers demand ransom for American captives

KIDNAPPER contacted the family of two US citizens abducted in the Philippines to make an “unbelievable” ransom demand, the official handling the hostage crisis said today.

Zamboanga city mayor, Celso Lobregat, said the identity of the gunmen and the situation of the hostages, which also included one Filipino relative, was still unknown despite the call.

“Contact has been made to the husband in the United States. And the contact was that there is a demand,” Mr Lobregat said.

“The call was very short and it was cut off [presumably by the kidnappers],” he said, adding there was no word if any deadline was set.

He described the demand made as an “unbelievable amount,” without giving further details.

Filipino police said gunmen snatched Gerfa Lunsmann, 50, her 14-year-old son, Kevin, and her Filipino teenage nephew Tuesday at a nearby island resort.

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