Jamaica – Paradise of fear

My gripe for today.

The wave of crime spree that is currently griping Jamaica now do not only hurt the Jamaican people, but those of us living overseas.

There cannot be any feeling worst, for me in particular, is the feeling that  the government in my country has totally failed it’s citizen

Jamaica an island of beautiful beaches, exotic scenery, great people and yet a minority of no good downright bastards are holding the country at ransom. It seems that the government, do not have the will to tackle the crime problems or there must be some underlying secret reason that they have for allowing this barrage of criminal activities to continue seeping into the lives of it’s people and draining out the very essence of their existence.

Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, there should be no stalemate between the Jamaican government and the US.  If Mr Coke is responsible for the crimes that the US want him extradite for then the Courts in Jamaica should not be using delaying tactics to keep him in Jamaica.  It cannot feel right to Jamaicans to see that a person such as this who has been linked to various criminal activities is been treated like some kind of celebrity.

I am not saying that Jamaica should hand over their citizen willy-nilly.  However, if it can be proven that these citizens have committed criminal activities in other countries then they should be speedily extradited to stand trials for those crime.

The murder and mayhem in Jamaican at the moment is rather frightening.  I know there are individuals leaving the UK to go on holidays and they are scared stiff.  The one thing that we have in common though, is that we are not prepared to allow anyone to prevent us from going to Jamaica.  We may be horrify at the crime rate, but if we allow the criminal elements to stop us from going there then they will win and we would have surrender to their whim and that we cannot let happen.

For the sake of the children that as been  savagely murdered, in their memory we have to fight to take back the country from these evil people, we cannot let these children die in vain.  It is time for Jamaicans to say enough is enough.  Time to put pressure on the government to pull their fingers out and tackle the wave of crime that as engulf that corner of paradise.

Our motto is “out of many one people”, let us get back to that, let us embrace that motto, and herald our country into a new dawn

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