Jamaica – Like a Phoenix she will rise again.

By  Sandrea

The island of Jamaica is taking a battering , not just from the fall-out of the Christopher ‘Dudus‘ affair, but the weather now seems to be doing it’s part to cripple the country.

Flash flood alert has been sent out throughout the island since 8pm this morning and now there are a number of roads that have become impassable and the the authorities are warning residents not to use these road.

There seems to be no end in the afflictions that is plaguing this small island.

Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke saga has left so many young people dead, this has also included children caught up in the spider web of lies, deceit and downright stupidity.

Apart from the floods, the authority is now calling for Christopher Coke, business partner Justin O’Gilvie to turn himself in.

When will there be an end in sight for the poor unfortunate people of Jamaica?  How long is it going to be before true peace return to the island?  What other affliction is going to be bestowed upon them?

In the past few weeks I cannot even begin to imagine the despair that honest and well-meaning Jamaicans must be going through.  They have seen their country up in flames, their representatives deceiving them, taking a battering from the international press and the icing on the cake is that the  one individual with the clout to stop all of their ails still as elusive as can be.

Jamaica’s economy has taken a real beating from the events that have unfolded.

As Wayne Jennings have stated “PROMOTIONAL activities for Jamaica’s tourism product in the international marketplace have ceased given the sustained attention being placed by the local and international media on the unrest in sections of Kingston and St Catherine.”

Despite all the current woes, I do believe that Jamaica will rise again like the Phoenix, from out of the ashes she will pull herself together and regardless of their political differences her people will come together to once again unite the country.  The lessons that they have learned, in the last few days will be a reminder to them that life is very fragile and in the blink of an eye, it can disappear.

The flood happening now should be a wake up call to the island that there is a greater power than the politicians, and he’s overseeing all of their problems.  With a little trust and some hard work the citizen of this little piece of paradise will once again shine like a beacon, they are strong enough to come through this more stronger than they believe at the moment.

Just remember – ‘Out of many one people’.

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