Jailed rioter should have been given the maximum


The two men jailed for inciting the recent riot should have been given the maximum sentence for the crime that they committed.

How infantile can one be to use a social network like ‘Facebook’ to incite other to carry out violence is pass stupidity.  Didn’t they realise that whatever is posted on facebook that a record of the information remains and that information can be collected at anytime.  This goes to show how little intelligence these individual possess.

I have no sympathy for those two young people and I hope that the prison terms they have been given will put fear into them the same way in which they cause fear and mayhem among their community.

Their behaviour have left their families shattered they have all but ruin their lives and at such a young age when they should have been contemplating going to university and making something of their existence they are beginning prison terms.

I hope that other young people who believe that it is fund to commit crime, ruin communities and destroy property will look at the incarceration of these two and it will make then think twice about carrying out chaos and mayhem.

What I would like to also see the BBC looking at both convicts and realise that they are not black and that the headline that cause them to have to apologise to the back community was bias and totally disgraceful.

Crime and criminal behaviour is not committed by a particular race or creed, there may be certain crime that is more frequent in one race more than another however, crime is crime and it is carried out irrespective of the colour of one skin, and regardless of who the perpetrators of crime are the fact remains that whenever devastation such as the last week riot occur it is the hard working tax-payers of this country that eventually pick up the tag for the repairs that have to be made to communities devastated by violent actions of thugs.

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