Iranian court cancels revenge acid attack

THE court-ordered blinding of an Iranian man who hurled acid in the face of university classmate Ameneh Bahrami has been postponed, the ISNA news agency said without giving a source.

“The execution of qesas (retribution in kind) of Majid (Movahedi)… has been postponed to an unknown date,” the news agency said on its website.

The court had ordered Majid Movahedi to be blinded by having five drops of acid squirted into each eye.

He was sentenced in February 2009 for having hurled acid in the face of Ameneh after she repeatedly spurned his offer of marriage.

He turned himself into police two weeks after committing the crime.

Ameneh Bahrami demanded retribution for the crime, with some reports saying she was to administer the corrosive substance herself.

Human rights group Amnesty International had protested against the “cruel and unusual” sentence.

Bahrami, who currently lives in Spain, has reportedly undergone 17 operations to try to reconstruct her face. She briefly recovered vision in her right eye in 2007, but an infection blinded her once again.

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