Inhumanity – the Hitler complex

By Sandrea

The current story featured in the New Zealand Herald with regards to Dean Cecilia Chang and the manner in which she has treated these students is totally unforgiveable for anyone in authority to exercise so much power on another human being.

I find it incomprehensible that another human being believes that it is acceptable for them to put others through this inhuman kind of behaviour for their own gratification.

Achieving a scholarship to study in a foreign country is the dream of many; to be able to graduate from a top university is something that many people do not get the opportunity to do.  So when someone acquire a scholarship they will do just about anything in order to maintain their scholarship, especially if they are coming from a very poor background the need to achieve is greater than that of someone who is born with a ‘gold spoon in their mouth’.

What Cecilia Chang did is to tap into the fears of these students and then abuse her position to make them into virtual slaves for her own satisfaction.  I hope that she is found guilty and sent to prison and see how she like being told when to wake, when to sleep, when to eat.

To be able to instil so much fear into these students to make them do pretty much her biding is unforgiveable and these kinds of actions should not have gone on without someone in St John’s University knowing what was happening to the students.

For her to be undertaking these actions and if it was not for the fact that she was being investigated for an alleged financial misdeeds her treatment of these student may never come to light and she would be using her position to constantly threaten students for many years.

But I still cannot believe that no one in the entire St John’s University had any inkling as to what these students were being put through from an unscrupulous individual.

Education institutions need to be more vigilant about the welfare of their students’ especially overseas ones.  As many overseas student having fight their way in achieving a scholarship will do nothing to jeopardise this, as they are there not only for themselves but for their entire family and to fail not only would they have fail themselves but they would also fail the family and for these students this is not an acceptable thing, so they stoop to everything that has been thrown at them just so they stay in University.

I hope Cecilia Chang pay dearly for what she did, I am so angry because I know what it feels like to get a scholarship and how hard you have to work and once you achieve this how much your family depended on you to be the one who can help them out of poverty, the pressure is so much and to have added pressure put on you unfairly must have been horrible for these students.

The Head or Chancellor of University all around the globe need to learn from this and make sure their staff are effectively monitor and assess regularly in order to prevent other student from having to going through these unnecessary experience.

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