I’m doing fine, mum – unborn baby’s amazing thumbs-up scan

Marie Boswell's unborn baby son gives a thumbs-up sign during his 20-week scan at Wythenshawe hospital

A mum-to-be is in little doubt that her baby boy is doing fine – after he gave her the thumbs-up in an amazing hospital scan.

Marie Boswell, 35, says friends and family have been stunned by her son’s distinctive ‘ok’ sign in the 20-week scan taken at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Marie, of Nearcroft Lane, Baguley, Wythenshawe, said: “It’s really funny, the thumb is so clear – we can’t believe it.

“I have big hands but nothing on the scale of his – he looks like he’s wearing boxing gloves!

“We’re thinking he might make a good goalkeeper.

“I’ve never seen a scan like this before – we love it.

“I’ve been keeping it in a book because I want to show it to him when he is older and I’ve heard they can fade.”

Marie, who has a daughter Olivia, 10, had to go back for another scan because staff were unable to check on the baby’s spine in his unusual pose.

Now she and partner Jimmy have been given the all-clear and are looking forward to their son’s birth, due in September.

Gerry Jackson, lead sonographer at Wythenshawe Hospital said: “It is very unusual to see a baby’s thumbs so clearly. It is lovely we have been able to get such a clear image for this lady.

“The new scanners we use do give a really clear picture and we have to look at the hands as part of the national screening guidelines – and we do see the fingers from time to time.”

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