Hypocrisy Spy Agent Bed mate

By Sandrea:-My Opinion

With the tenth anniversary of September eleven looming everyone can still remember the atrocities that was witness and understand the level at which terrorist will go to put across their points irrespective of how idiotic they may be.

However, there can never be any justification to accept or be part of the torture of another human being despite what atrocities they may have carried out as individuals that are torture tend to say what their torturer wants to hear and therefore the information that they may pass on is either lies or half-truths.

The hypocrisy of spy agents to use countries such as Libya to obtain information from suspected terrorist is disgusting because they are aware that in their country that system would not be tolerated by their citizen if this method of treatment is made public so they have no compunction in sending these individuals to be torture in order to get information they believe that these individuals posses.

For decades the international community shun Libya and see Gaddafi as nothing more than a terrorist and then because he accept responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing suddenly he become a trust part of the community and they began to use his system of terror to gather information, how hypocritical that is.

Gaddafi, not been the flavour of the month, the same individual side with the ‘freedom fighters’ in Libya to overthrow his regime. It is unbelievable the levels that these so-called spy agents will sink to acquire information despite the atrocities that may be attach to how the information is collected. These individuals seem to hold themselves about democratic process and believe that terrorism scare us so much that we will turn a blind eye to whatever clandestine operation they may be involved in.

The greater majority of individuals want to be safe from terrorist attack and we understand that there are certain actions that our security force may need to take in order to protect the nation, however it is important that we keep ourselves above the terrorist because if we undertake the same methods they use then we cannot any longer hold a moral ground.  Security service must do their jobs, but above all they should do so with integrity and never stoop to the tactics used by terrorist.

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