Human beings, the price of free speech

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

In the last few days we have seen a earthquake and tsunami almost destroy Japan, we have read of the potential meltdown of a nuclear atomic plant, and as the world watch with bated breath hoping that this threaten nuclear disaster can be curtailed and we will not have to live with the effects of a nuclear fallout there is another danger that we seems to be ignoring.

Al-Qaeda has recently launched a new magazine in which women praised their husbands for carrying out suicide bombing and as they put it “to educate women and involve them in the war against the enemies of Islam”.

Magazine like these should be banned, yes freedom of speech is vital in any democracy, but to use freedom of speech to preach hatred and give anyone the ability to create bombs which will be used to main and murders those that does not share your views is disgraceful, and we should not have to tolerate such bigotry especially being able to purchase a magazine which depict these outrageous information.

My problem with these so-called proponents of the Islamic faith is who appoint them judge jury and executioner and where is their evidence that Allah see none Muslim as infidels.  They are so wrapped up in their idiotic believes that they cannot see the woods from the trees.  No one on this planet can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that their religion is the right one, so we should respect them all, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhism, etc. After all it is our difference that makes us who we are and the ability to tolerate each other differences that sets us apart from the animals.

It makes me furious when fanatical individuals are allowed to preach and publish hatred, and I wonder what could cause these individuals to lose their human ability for compassion in that they can easily kill women and children without a second thought.

Our television screen filled with the natural devastation that has occurred in Japan should serve as a wakeup call to every human being on this planet; we should understand that our life is as fragile as then breeze and that it can be extinguished in the blink of an eye.  We should be spending our time, not trying to destroy each other but working on the common interest that we have.

It does not matter whether one is a Black, White, Jews, Muslims, Chinese, Asian, or other we, as human beings have one thing in common, we born and we die, and death does respect the fact that you are a so-called infidel or Muslim, and for those who believe the crap about the number of virgins that a martyr will receive when they commit atrocious crime and blew themselves up in the process they need to ask the question which one of these so-called martyr have return from the dead and confirm this elaborate ploy that these people use to brain-washed young and impressionable young men into committing crimes that they themselves would not undertake.

The world is going through a fragile state at the moments, the uprising in the Middle East, natural disaster and this is the time when we must find a common ground to resolve the deep issues that are threatening to send us into a war that may see us annihilate our very existence.  Unless we do something and soon we are on brink of human extinction, just like the Dodo and the Dinosaur.

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