How utterly naive can the west really be?

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

I am actually laughing as I write this opinion because I find it really laughable that western democracy can be so utterly naive when it comes to Islamic countries such as Iran and Iraq.

The current report regarding the acceptance of money from Iran by Iraq makes me wonder what else is Iran and Iraq trading in.  But the most fundamental aspects of all of this should really be did the west really believe that having invaded Iraq and the subsequent disposal of Saddam Hussein would make Iraqi so grateful that they would knowingly having been aware of the US problems with Iran, that Iraq would not have some kind of trading with their neighbour.

Irrespective of what the west may or may not have done to try to bring democracy to Iraq the first thing that we should remember is this is a country where the Islamic faith his part and parcel of their everyday lives and regardless of what they may be their first love is Islam so it does not matter how much we try to westernize them they will always return to the Muslim way of life and that is given.

Iraq has told the world in no uncertain terms that “We have also asked lots of things in return in this relationship, so it’s a relationship between neighbours and it will go on and we’ll continue to ask for cash help from Iran,” he said.

There should be no surprise that Iran would fund the Taliban as I have said before these people have one thing in common and the fact that these countries believe that Western democracy wants to impose their way of lives on them will always be the pin that bind them together.  These countries have no desire to see equality between the sexes; they do not want women to achieve their full potential they do not want to have a judicial system that is 21st century, of course not.

We are talking about countries that have no compunction in hacking off the hand of a person who steals, stoning a woman to death because they alleged that she commit adultery.  There are more ties that bind Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan together more than those that keep them apart and one day history will prove to the west that we were wrong to have gone into these countries and try to bring them into the 21st century.

Currently, Iran is at loggerhead with the United Nations and in particular the United States because  they resented the UN and the US trying to stop them from acquiring nuclear material that would has Iran stated be for domestic purposes and not for military use.  But how can we trust countries that have such archaic system that govern its people.  So I am not surprise that there is going to be trading between Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan for that matter.

As been reported thousands of Pentagon files leaked in July by WikiLeaks indicated that Iran is funding the Taliban nine years after the 2001 US-led invasion ousted the Taliban regime from power. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied the reports.  However, it stand to reason that Iran would  not have a problem undertaking such operation because they have the similar ideologies as the Taliban’s so we should not be surprise that there could be support from Iran for these individual.

When Mr Karzai was asked what the Iranian authorities wanted in return for their payment he replied “that they wanted good relations” “They want good relations in return. Lots of other things in return, Afghanistan and Iran have neighbourly relations,” he said. So there we have it but the part of the statement that should have us concern is the “Lots of other things” very open ended and loaded response.

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