How to tell he’s husband material

HE looks good, dresses cool, is filthy rich and is undeniably a good lover; but let’s face it, these things will not necessarily make him a good husband.

This is because marriage is a lifetime commitment that will depend on much more than material possessions or one’s status to last. It takes into account a man’s values, his ability to remain faithful to just one woman and to work with her so that they can have a bright future. Unfortunately, not all men are capable of this, leading women to rightly come to the conclusion that not all men are suitable for marriage. We agree, and so we have decided to highlight some of the signs that shows your man is suitable for ‘husbandship’. Hopefully you’re not kissing a toad right now, and have found him.

1. He isn’t allergic to commitment: He is not content to introduce you to his friends or family as just his girl, he prefers a more substantial title, like ‘wife’. Neither does he only call you when he wants sex, or when it’s convenient for him. His very actions suggest that he views the relationship you both have as a long-term thing.

2. He is dependable: You don’t have to beg him to keep, or remind him of those promises he has made to you. He doesn’t say he is going to call or do something and doesn’t do it without a proper reason, nor does he conveniently disappear when the going gets tough. If you can’t depend on him now, then how can you honestly depend on him to love and cherish you, or to be with you until death after he has taken such vows?

3. He treats you with respect: He respects your opinions to the point that he consults you whenever he is making a major decision. He respects you the individual and is mindful of not doing things that will cause you pain, like physically abusing you. Because he respects you, he doesn’t try to belittle you or share the most intimate details of your relationship with others.

4. He appreciates the real you: He appreciates the fact that you probably won’t ever look like the girl he sees in his favourite men’s magazine and never pushes you to fit that image. He appreciates the things you do that probably others would have considered annoying or goofy. He appreciates your style of dress, your values, even if others find them too outdated or far too liberal.

5. He’s got his act together: He’s got a plan to improve his life and it doesn’t involve putting down others or becoming a ‘sponge’ to get there. He knows exactly what he wants to accomplish in the next 10 years and is already working to accomplish that goal. Most important is the fact that you form a major part of that plan.

6. He gives you space: He is secure enough in your relationship to have you spend time away from him without fearing that you are out cheating. He gives you time to have your girl’s night out and spend time with your family, because he understands how important they were in making you the person he has come to love.

7. He doesn’t mind spending: He not only appreciates the fact that you look good, but he understands that it takes money to maintain you. He is willing to assist financially because he gets a thrill from being able to take care of you.

8. He doesn’t despise your company: Both of you don’t find being in each other’s company painstaking, because there is so much that you have in common. He shares your interests and there is always something to talk about. If you plan to spend the rest of your life with this person, then it must be someone that you enjoy being around.

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