How horrible a parent can you be?

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

The parent that has been busted by, who has fleeced many people out of their money in the pretence that her son was a leukaemia victim, should be sent to prison, if this is proven to be true, for the rest of her life.

There are so many people who are leukaemia suffers and they are quietly going about their daily lives not conning anyone out of their money and to read about someone, especially a mother that would put her child through this traumatic episode purely for financial gain is deplorable.

Parents are suppose to protect their children not use them as instrument to gain public sympathy for health issues that are make believe.  Don’t these individual know that each times that stories like these appear in the press and they are proven to be false this prevent organisations and individuals that truly require help with their afflictions it get harder for them to acquire help.

What is going through the minds of these mothers when they put these innocent children through these gruelling events?

I read the story with utter disgust to think that a mother could be so callous.  I would die for my children I do not even want them to feel pain; if I could take away all their pains then I would gladly do so.  This person cannot call herself a mother because the great majority of mother would not do what she has done.

If you are not rich then money is very tight for the majority of people, every day is stressful, not knowing whether you are going to have a roof over your head because the mortgage is due, the electricity, the gas, food, clothing, and everything that we need to function in our lives.  But we do not go out and try to conned other out of their money and do so in a despicable manner, it is unforgiveable the level of depravity that some people will sink to.

It really hurt me as a mother because our children should be our focal point in our lives and to see them being abused in this way makes my blood boil.  Not only is she going to lose her son but there is every possibility that she could wind up in prison for her actions.  Was it worth it just so that she could amass US(8000), that is what some people use to buy champagne for them and their buddies to enjoy a good party.

I am however, aware that (8000) dollars could be a lot of money if you are poor and destitute but there are other means of acquiring this money, for example, work.  Did she never hear about the concept of working, obviously not otherwise she would not do such an infantile and disgraceful thing to her son.

People who do things such as what she does are despicable and they should not be given any sympathy.  To make a child believe that they are ill when clearly they are not is the ultimate betrayal of any parent.

Some people should really not have children, especially if you are going to treat them in the way that this little boy was treated.  I wonder what she is going to tell him one day when he became an adult for him to ever forgive her and I hope she will spend her time in jail mulling over that one.  That’s if she has been proven to commit a crime.

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