Homes show just how out of touch Republican Candidates are with the average American.

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By Mary Armstrong

Homes show just how out of touch Republican Candidates are with the average American. I watch the TODAY show every day. It is a morning news show that airs on the NBC network every day in the United States. A recent segment gave viewers a peek of the homes of all the Republican Presidential Candidates. Every home was, well, a mansion. In fact, some candidates owned more than one mansion; Mitt Romney owns six!

I watched this segment with a sickening feeling. All of the candidates give speeches on economic recession, unemployment, poverty, even home foreclosure, but none of these candidates knows the reality behind any of these issues. When I saw the photos of the candidates’ homes, I could hear each candidate saying, “Look at me! Look at me! I own a big mansion, and you live in a crappy one-bedroom apartment. Let’s face it; you will never live in luxury as I do.” Their homes scream, “I’m rich, and I want everyone to know it.” It’s actually quite egotistical, especially in the case of Mitt Romney, who owns six homes.

Before seeing where they lived, I hadn’t really thought just how affluent most American politicians really are. Now I have seen actual proof, and now I know why the most powerful government in the world is failing. It is run by a bunch of people who know nothing about an average life. They don’t live average lives, and they know nothing about the struggles that most people face every day.

If you don’t live a life of struggle, then you don’t have the experience and information needed to make the policies that can actually fix the problems of today’s world. None of these candidates have this experience. The only things they possess are good marketing, public relations and public speaking skills. Yes, these skills will win you an election, but they won’t make you a good president.

Here is the clip from the TODAY Show:

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