Ex-soldier claims his life is in danger

An ex-soldier is now in fear of his life as he claims a group of cops have been threatening him because of his involvement with a woman.

The 40-year-old, St Catherine man, Mr J, related his story to THE STAR and said he is doing so as a means of protecting himself.

“Mi come talk, so if unnu deh a unnu yard and hear seh mi dead, unno know a what,” he said.

According to Mr J, for the last four years he has been in a relationship with a woman who has a child for one of the cops. He claims he and the man had no previous issues until last year when they had an argument.

That argument was reportedly sparked over allegations that he disciplined the cop’s son.


Since then, Mr J says he has been threatened by the policeman and even claims colleagues of the cop have also got involved and issued threats too.

In September of last year, Mr J said he was forced to submit a formal report to the police’s Complaints division.

Mr J claims he knows the policeman is upset because of the relationship he has with the woman and believes the argument over the child was just an excuse to spark a rift.

He further said he has had frequent run-ins with the cops who he claims are intimidating him. He said he had an encounter with one of them on Thursday night and subsequently lodged another formal complaint.

THE STAR contacted the offices of the Complaints division, and confirmed Mr J’s report.

An officer from the division, who spoke on condition of anonymity, further told THE STAR that two of the cops at the centre of the reported situation are attached to the Kingston-based Flying Squad while the other is from the Major Investigations Task Force.

The officer also said investigations are ongoing and the cops have already been contacted.

As for Mr J, he says he hopes the Complaints division will do all they can before the situation takes a violent turn.

Name changed to protect identity.

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