Hello Vatican – Get in line with the 21st Century

By Sandrea

Every time that I read something regarding a criticism from the spoke person inside the Vatican it makes me even angrier at their hypocrisy.

For,” Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, to be critical of

Nobel Prize winner Robert Edwards for pioneering IVF Medicine is uncalled for.  It seems that members of the Catholic faith are forgetting one important issue when they criticise individuals.

Whatever knowledge that Mr Edwards has comes from somewhere and if the catholic religion really believes in God then they would understand that he has placed individuals on this planet to carry out work that he believes that they are capable of undertaking, hence he gave them the knowledge.

A few months ago my granddaughter undergoes open heart surgery she was born with partial AVD (Atria ventricle disorder) which meant that she had to have an operation to fix her heart.  I remember the surgeon that performs the operation saying that he could not understand why God would allow these children to be born with these problems.  I reminded him that God could have made everyone perfect, but where would he and his skills be.  He, God has ordained him to use the skill given to him to repair these children and if he was not special then he would not have been chosen.

So that is how I feel about the creation of IVF and the Catholic church needs to understand that we are not living in the ‘dark ages’ and has our knowledge increase we are going to be able to give individuals that would normally not have children the opportunity to do so.

Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula seems to forget that many people have been having sexual intercourse for many years still they are unable to conceive a child and that his where medical technology comes into play.  Without these advance in medical technology then hundreds of people would not know the joys of having a child or children.  Why would the church or any religion want to take away that enjoyment from a couple who have done everything necessary to conceive the normal way but was not successful?

Robert Edwards deserve to be given the Nobel Prize for his work in IVF and his enjoyment should not be overshadowed by inept criticism of his ability and whether Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula is speaking personally or on behalf of the Vatican is criticism of Mr Edwards is, in my opinion unwarranted.

How can, Monsignor Carrasco de Paula blame Professor Edwards for the “current state of confusion of assisted procreation: children with four or five parents, babies born from their grandmothers”, ridiculous.

In everything that human has a hand in there will always be room for abuse and I agree with him that there are going to be individual that use the technology for monetary gain and in doing so the sale of human embryo is possible.  However, if scientist where to look at the negative aspects of research them many of the disease that we can cure would never be cured, because we would be thinking that unscrupulous people was going to sell the medication to the highest bidder.

As for the church look at the amount of so-called minister that have used the church and God’s name to fleece millions of people out of their hard earn money.  That does not prevent a great many individuals to abandon the church; we know that in everything that we do there is going to be negativity and the best we can do is to create guidelines and legislation to curtail those that are hell-bent on using technology in an inappropriate manner and stop criticising those that are willing to give others an opportunity to complete their family life.

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