Hear the Cougars roar – Elva a talk up!

I am an equal opportunity loud-up person, so in light of the overwhelming responses to last week’s article about older men and young girls, I feel compelled to write about the carryings on of some women in Cougar Nation. Some of who may even be reading this article.

Already I hear the jaws dropping to the floor right after the inward scream of “How dare her?” As I said before and I’m going to say it again “I don’t create it, I just report it.” So on we go. For my less worldly readers, a Cougar is defined as a 35+ year-old female who ‘hunts’ a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male partner. I’m not sure if songbird-turn-Rising Stars Judge Nadine Sutherland was singing of first- hand experience on her latest single bearing the title, but it makes interesting listening. Some people may have never been aware that such specie of womankind exists, but it is full time for you to crawl out from under your rocks and brave the sunlight, because it does.

Long, long ago, before my time, there was a classic movie made entitled, Me and Mrs Robinson, that chronicled the wrongdoings of a teenage boy and his high school friend’s much older mother. If I’m not mistaken, it was filmed in black and white, so that shows that cougars have been around for a long time. Still in Hollywood, Demi Moore is a famous, very talented movie star, but ever since her marriage to Ashton ‘Punk’d’ Kutcher, a man 20+ years her junior, she is more widely known as a cougar than for the talent she has brought to the big screen for decades. That’s just how the world is.

It is my opinion that a man can strut around with a much younger woman and get kudos for his prowess and respect for his ability to still be ‘swinging’, but a woman tries that and all hell breaks loose.

Questions abound: Has she no pride? Shouldn’t she be in bed at home tending to her children or grandchildren? What are her children going to think? Oh Lord have mercy, the world comes to an end! The funny thing about life is; men peak sexually in their late teens and early twenties, whilst women peak late 30’s early 40’s, so cougars think the Universe balances out itself when they date and satisfy a much younger man. Earlier, I said that the cougar ‘chases’ a man, but quite a few young men chase cougars for the same reason their female counterparts chase older men. They want what an older woman can ‘provide’.

In most cases it has nothing to do with love and romance so much as supply and demand. The knowledge that he will not have to be the financial provider on dates, worry about whether her soon to be dormant eggs can be impregnated or finding a hotel room to quench their driving lust puts many a young ‘cub’ at ease. Mama cougar takes care of all of that and buys him a pair of sneakers to go with it. Most cougars tend to go to the extreme with the make up, the young girl apparel and the mega-man work outs at the gym, as they say ‘give the young girls a run for their money’. I’m not too sure I’m all the way cool with that grandma, since your time has come and gone, but if it works for you, hey go for it. When I stop and think about it, cougars need love too; and if the men over 35 think women over 35 are not eligible for their affections, where is a woman who still has drive and ability to go? Right down to the station and fetch herself the finest, trainable, willing, young cub money can buy and live a little happier. Only God can judge, so I live and let live. Until next week, walk good. Email me elvachatalot@yahoo.com or @ElvaJamaica on Twitter.

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