Grandparents role in rearing children

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It comes as no surprise that grandparents are in the forefront of helping to raise their grandchildren.

The dynamic of grandparents have changed consider over the last twenty years whereby the age at which individuals become grandparents gets younger with each passing year.  Today’s grandparents are in their forties and fifties and having raised their children they still feel the need to play an active role in raising grandchildren.  Grandparents are fitter and stronger that their previous counter-part and therefore have the ability to raised their grandchildren effectively.

I am a grandparents and between my four children there are nine grandchildren and I am still in my early fifties and I have an active role in helping to raise my grandchildren and their parent look to me for guidance and help and because of the manner in which my children was rear, they insist that their children is raised in the same way.

My children was raise with a sense of pride in themselves they were though discipline and were give boundary throughout their childhood and most importantly they knew that they were loved, so the same values that they were raised with they are now with my help raising my grandchildren.

What the rest of countries like the US are just finding out is something that most people in the Caribbean have know for decades, the majority of children in the Caribbean are primarily raised by grandparents as the parent of children leave the areas they reside in to go into the capital to search for work the onus is on the grandparents to raised the children.

Grandparents should play a part in their grandchildren life and any parent who prevent their parent from been an important part of their grandchildren are doing an injustice to those children.

I am please that the US is recognising the tremendous contribution that grandparents are making to the up-bringing of their grandchildren.

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