Good on you Cleggy, brilliant idea

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Well it is about time that someone one comes up with solutions free from racism, bigotry and one that the community can get behind.

I do not much care for this coalition government, but I have to admit that the proposal that Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister as put forward regarding the rioters is one that I whole-heartedly approve of and one that I believe the wider community will back him with.

Mr Clegg propose that those who have been convicted of rioting should ‘wear orange vest’ whereby the will be clearly visible when they are made to clean up the communities that they stupidly ruin during the four nights of rioting and violence.

Making these individuals face the consequences of their action may just prevent anyone from associating or even contemplating undertaking the kind of carnage that was witness by the people around the country.  What Mr Clegg have propose is not in any way ostracising the convicted rioters but allowing them to face their communities and the people that they have made prisoners in their homes, they having to face up to the consequences of their actions and do so publicly will ensure that others will not want to follow along this path irrespective of what community that they come from.

David Cameron could learn a thing or two from Nick Clegg, Mr Clegg proposal was not that of a knee-jerk reaction or those put across because of pressure from the media and the community, unlike Cameron his idea will be embrace by the community.  What made David Cameron believe that evicting people from their home, cutting the benefit from individuals that cannot manage in the first place would be an ideal that is backed by the public demonstrate how little he knows the majority of the British people.

Government should never bow to pressure of minority people or put in place any kind of legislation that isolate the majority and I believe that as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg show a strength of leadership, community savvy and most importantly the ability to bring the community with him in trying to ensure that we do not see another riot on the streets of London or in fact across the country and in my opinion that is what a leader should be all about and David Cameron lack the ability and the skills and maybe it should be Nick Clegg who was appointed Prime Minister.

In my opinion what separate Cameron views from Clegg is that as a Liberal Mr Clegg is more in tune with the people and history as prove over and over that the Conservative party as always been nothing but controversial and the reasons they are like that is because they tend to listen to the views of the minority rather than the majority and the only time that they pretend to listen to the majority is near an election and as we see from Cameron’s reactions during and after the riots it is very clear that he has no clue about the requirements of the country and him being the Prime Minister was a grave mistake.

Prime Minister need to exercise strength be cool and collective in times of war or aggression they need to be able to not bow to the pressure of a few but demonstrate leadership and the skill to deal effectively with the nation in times of conflict and Cameron is certainly not that person, so once again I congratulate Nick Clegg on his idea and hope it is put in place forthwith.

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