Finally justice is served

The conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris is not going to bring back Steven Lawrence, but the thought that those two will spend their miserable lives in prison provide some comfort for the Lawrence family and those that have fought for justice for so long.

It took the death of Stephen for this country officials to wake up to the fact that racism was alive and kicking in the UK, and in particular the metropolitan police service who had they did their job without their racist attitudes those two hooligans would have been imprisoned a long time ago.

There is no excuse for the behaviour of the police service, following the fatal stabbing of Steven; this boy was not a hooligans he was a bright intelligent young man who had everything to live for until he had the unfortunate encounter with Gary Dobson and David Norris.

No amount of apology by the government, or the Metropolitan police will ever be acceptable.  If Gary and David knew that they would have been hunted if they undertake a crime then they would have thing twice about murdering Steven, but they were aware that the price that is place on a young black life was next to nothing by the authorities as they believe that every young black person must be involved in drugs and have criminal intent and therefore they did not care about what happen to Stephen.

Irrespective, of what the commission may say about the conduct of the police at the time of Stephen’s death, the black community is under no illusions that the Metropolitan police service has not made any dramatic change in their behaviour towards the black community in particular young black men. They can put all their so-called policies in place but, until you can legislate against how people behave and their personal beliefs then no amount of policies are going to stop racism.

I wish that Doreen will at least find some kind of peace, it has been too long and as her son rest in peace she will at least know that two of the perpetrators of her son’s death will end up in prison

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