Fake orgasm – Blame it on 21st century pressures

By Sandrea

It does not surprise me that the recent survey undertaken in the US finds that most women do not reach orgasm when they engage in sexual activities.

Personally, I believe that this is down to the pressures of living in the 21st century and the manner in which the female role has changed over a good many years.  Women are no longer seen as the primary homemaker; they are now extremely more independent in that they hold high profile jobs they are in better financial position to take care of ourselves.  This is also the trend for single women who are also mother and raising their children on their own.

Therefore it is not seen as that important anymore to have an orgasm especially when one can be faked so easily.  The great majority of men do not have a clue when their partners are faking an orgasm because we have got it down to a fine tooth comb.   This could also be attributed to the fact that some women are in relationships that they do not find their partner sexually attractive but they have several reasons for not letting them go so they develop a coping mechanism to cope with the physical aspect of the relationship and faking an orgasm is one of them.

Another aspect in the reasons I believe that women fake their orgasm, and this is purely my belief, is that when they meet men who really have no clue who to turn them on and their bumbling act of making love leaves one feeling a bit peeved and therefore in order to end the ordeal the best way is to make him believe that you have an orgasm and that way he feel that he has accomplish his goal.

One of the suggestion in the report that I agree with is that if you have to fake on orgasm with your partner then somebody is not doing something right and if you are in the bracket that really need to have that orgasm then you should have a heart to heart with your partner and do not leave him with the impression that he has satisfy your need when clearly that is not the case.

There is no reason why you cannot tell your other half about the love making tips that really turn you on.  The methods that you want in to use in order for you to reach that plateau of orgasm bliss.  There is no greater feeling in love making than a good orgasm multiple if necessary and this leave you body with a feeling of ecstasy and for people who have not experience this they are indeed missing out.

Although I started out by outlining some of the reasons why woman fake orgasm, I on the other totally believe in having orgasm and I have indeed faked a couple in my time especially if I am tired and not in the mood for sexual activities.  However, when in the mood I look forward to having my orgasm and I believe that every women need to have this sensation sometime in their live.

So although the  survey may pain a rather gloomy picture of women and their faking of orgasm, I still believe that there is hope that this trend will eventual change and we will no longer having to coin phrases such as ‘orgasm gap’.

I also believe that a lot of parents will be happy to see from the report that fewer young people are having sex.  I especially welcome the part of the report that state that the elderly people in their 80’s are not push aside in the sexual revolution, but are actively continuing their sex life, even if it is a small minority, it means that there are elderly people who still believe in living their lives and not being thrown of the scrap heap of life, well done to them.

However, I can imagine that many people will see this as gross, because the thought of senior citizen having sex is appalling to some people, but why should they not continue their lives, they may be old but they are not dead.

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