Extinction of the Human race, a must

By Sandrea: – My Opinion
Whether one believes in God, Allah, Buddha, or that as the Bible portrays that there will be a judgement day; extinction of the human race is a must.
 It is unbelievable the crisis that is happening in Syria, Libya and other parts of the world whereby human beings are treating each other with so little respect that they find it so easy to annihilate large number of people without any conscience as to their repulsive attitude.
What as happen to the human race wherein they find it so easy to murder each other over stupidity such as the fact that they support different factions of a government.  The carnage that is currently unfolding in Syria is disgraceful and it seems that the rest of the world is folding their hands and watching people being slaughter like animals.
Human beings are suppose to be the most intelligent thing on the planet, we are suppose to know wrong from right yet century after century we continue to treat each other with the utmost disrespect, whether it is over politics, religion or sexual orientation we believe that we should destroy everything and everyone that does not believe in what some of us believe is the right way.
Muslims want the rest of the non Muslim world or so-called infidels to be annihilated, yet who gave them the right to believe that their way of life is the right or only way.  Christians believe if you are not worshiping God then you can only worship the devil, and so this stupidity of what is wrong and what is right according to our warp beliefs continue to cause wars, hate and distrust among human beings.
The amount of time that we waste as a race hating each other spreading hatred and false information against others with varying beliefs have seen the likes of Anders Behring Breivik commit one of the most unspeakable act of inhumanity against the people of Norway.
As a nation we do not seems to want to learn from the mistakes of the past.  We continue to instigate lies and half truth which allow simply minded individual to continue committing crimes that make us wake up for a few days and the minute the hype dies down we go back to the same way not caring about our fellowman until the next nutcase comes along and wipe out a few more then we begin the process of gaping open mouth in disbelieve that it happens.
I have come to the distinct conclusion that at the rate at which the human race is going we will eventually wipe out our very own existence and like the dinosaur we will be extinct permanently unless we wake up and realise that wars and hatred is not the answer to co-exist on this planet.
We need to respect each other differences, learn from each other and begin the process of co-existing in peace, because unless we as human beings address this fundamental issue we will eventually wipe ourselves off the face of this planet.
  There is a serious storm brewing where the human race is concern and we only have a few years to fix the problem and if we continue to ignore what is clearly wrong with us then we are going to have to face the consequences and that in my opinion is a total extinction of human beings.

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