Dudus supporters target Phillips, ‘I am not afraid’

A scorching graffiti campaign has been waged in western Kingston against influential People’s National Party member, Dr Peter Phillips.

Phillips’ outspoken role in the extradition controversy involving celebrated Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke has elicited strident criticisms and condemnation from the architects of the graffiti.

The former national security minister hit back yesterday, declaring that he remains undaunted by the attacks.

“I am not going to be intimidated,” he declared in an interview with The Sunday Gleaner.

“I merely asked some questions … . I have not asked or demanded that anyone be extradited, I have simply asked that the matter be placed within the purview of the court of law.”

Phillips, who has been playing a leading role for the Opposition in the extradition row between the Bruce Golding administration and the United States, warned that law-abiding Jamaicans could not surrender to intimidation at this time.

“If we back up and go into our houses, we would have surrendered our rights to criminals,” Phillips argued.

Yesterday, in broaddaylight, the perpetrators turned their attention to Duke Street in the vicinity of Gordon House, defacing areas near a small garden containing murals of political leaders of the past.

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  1. It is disgraceful when a prominent person is threathening by thugs for commenting or giving his personal views about a subject or situation. It is time as Jamaicans we stop allowing criminals to rule our lives, where does these people get off.

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