Driving granny chased by police on foot

A BRITISH grandmother who led police on a 27 kilometre chase after driving the wrong way through a roundabout drove at speeds so slow during the pursuit that an officer was able to run alongside her car.

Caroline Turner, 76, was eventually stopped by a police road block as a constable ran beside her car, telling her to stop, Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reported.

Despite being followed by marked police cars with flashing lights for almost an hour through regional eastern England, Ms Turner failed to stop, although she only reached a maximum speed of 30kph during the pursuit.

As police jogged beside the pensioner’s Ford Fiesta asking her to pull over, Ms Turner refused, saying: “There’s nothing to discuss. I’m going home.”

The great grandmother of eight has since been banned from driving for a year and fined $159, but plans to get back behind the wheel in 12 months.

“I am not exonerating myself – my driving was not up to its usual high standards – but there was a lack of good lighting and I went the wrong way,” said the widow.

“It was a surprise to me when (the officer) knocked on the window.”

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