Downtown ready for ‘Dudus’ lockdown

There is going to be blood!' This 'warner man' is surrounded by a group of persons in downtown Kingston as he warns that blood will be spilled in the economic hub of the capital city. The city has been tense since the police were given a warrant for the arrest of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke

POLICE this morning continue to maintain a constant presence in downtown, Kingston as business operators kept their shutters up in the major commercial sections of the bustling economic hub.

“Business is going on as usual every one just watching,” said one store owner.

The city has been on a knife’s edge this week in anticipation of civil unrest in reaction to the ongoing extradition of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, reputed don of Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston.

However in the section of the city close to Tivoli Gardens a different story is unfolding. Blockades on all roads leading into Tivoli Gardens and sections of Denham Town continue to be erected. Liquid propane gas cylinders have been placed in most of the blockades.

“Leave Dudus alone him next to God. A him make we have food and send we children to school,” shouted one of a group of women who gathered on Industrial Terrace this morning.

Yesterday police announced that they were in possession of a warrant to arrest Coke on sight.

He is wanted by the United States authorities to answer to gun and drug running allegations.

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