Does Oprah Want to Be Queen of Nighttime TV, Too?


Oprah fans everywhere, rejoice — the talk-show queen isn’t leaving the airwaves anytime soon.

As the daytime TV audience slowly slips away, Oprah Winfrey has plans to stay on top. According to the Wall Street Journal, on April 8 Oprah will announce that she will host an evening show on her new cable network OWN appropriately titled, Oprah’s Next Chapter. The new program will most likely debut late next year, most likely following her daytime retirement on Sept. 9, 2011.

For the Oprah Show devotees out there, the new program will be a bit of a departure from her current format. Besides leaving her daytime comfort zone, Winfrey’s new show will no longer be daily — it could air two to three times a week — and it won’t take place in a studio. Instead, her focus is creating conversations around the world. “I’m going to take viewers with me, going to take celebrities I want to interview with me,” the 56-year-old media personality told the Wall Street Journal.

Though Oprah’s been the reigning queen of daytime talk for years, Ellen DeGeneres has been giving her a run for her money. That won’t stopĀ Oprah, though — who needs daytime when you can be the queen of the night?

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  1. Oprah can be what she wants, when she want and if she want. You do not get where she is without people trying to take you down. However she’s never loses her integrity and that’s what set her apart from the others. Conquer night-time if you want Oprah, we love you..

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