Dad was ‘teaching daughter about sex’

A NEW Zealand man tried to rape his daughter by telling her that was how parents taught children about sex in his native Netherlands, a court has been told.

The 78-year-old pensioner from the North Island, whose name has been suppressed, has been accused of 34 crimes between 1963 and 1990, including attempted rape, indecent assault, assault with intent to injure and cruelty to children.

He has denied all charges, which include 11 allegations of rape against five different women or girls, the Dominion Post reported today.

In Palmerston North District Court yesterday, one of the man’s daughters, now aged 39, said she had a traumatic childhood through the 1960s and 1970s.

Her father hit her with a cane rug-beater and strangled her pet cat in front of her.

She said her father took her into a bedroom to “teach” her about sex after she turned 16.

“I remember dad telling me that, in Holland, the fathers taught the daughters and the mothers taught the sons about sexual things,” she told the court.

She managed to push him off before he could have intercourse with her, the Dominion Post reported.

There were also times when her father would bathe the children, then get them to stand naked on top of chairs while he examined them, she said.

The man denied the events took place.

During cross-examination, defence lawyer Fergus Steedman asked the woman why it took her until 2009 to tell police about the attempted rape.

The woman said past complaints had “fallen on deaf ears” with police and social workers, so she gave up.

Eight people have laid complaints against the man, three of them his children.

However, another three of the man’s children are due to give evidence in his defence during the trial, which is expected to last three weeks.

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