Cuban Ladies in White march again

The wives and mothers of political prisoners held in Cuba have been allowed to hold their weekly protest for the first time in three weeks.

Government supporters had blocked the women, known as Ladies in White, from marching for the past two Sundays.

The archbishop of Havana said he had intervened on behalf of the women.

Cardinal Jaime Ortega said the authorities had agreed to allow the marches during the month of May, after which they would review their decision.

New approach

BBC Mundo’s Havana correspondent Fernando Ravsberg said this week’s protest passed off without incident.

One of the 12 Ladies in White protesting on Sunday, Berta Soler, told reporters that she thought “the government had started to listen and to respond without resorting to violence.”

Cardinal Jaime Ortega said the Cuban government’s willingness to negotiate was “a new way of acting”.

He said that previously, such requests would have been met with silence.

Last Sunday, the women were blocked from marching by government supporters who corralled them into a park, where they shouted insults at them for hours.

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