Cops kill three men in Back Bush

These two women are beside themselves with grief after the fatal shooting of three men in the Back Bush community of Mountain View as these children look on

IRATE residents of a community known as ‘Back Bush’ in Mountain View, St Andrew are claiming that the police killed three of their own in cold blood today.

The residents identified the dead men as cousins Geovani Nunes and Jamie Fisher; and Ian Gordon, all of whom were in their early twenties.  They incident happened about midday.

According to Nunes’ girlfriend she and Fisher were in the house when police knocked on the door and demanded that they be let in.  “I was the one that opened the door and they (police) asked them who they were before they pushed me out of the house,” the woman said.

“As they pushed me out I heard the gunshots and I turned around to see Geovani on the ground. After that I heard another shot fire and then I just ran off,” she continued.

Another resident — who said he watched the officers through a window in his house — said some of the cops then dragged the cousins’ bodies outside their house, while others questioned Gordon who was purchasing items at a neighbouring shop.

He pleaded with them to spare his life, the shopkeeper said.  “They shot him in his feet first, and all along he was there begging them not to kill him; he even reached into his pocket for his ID,” the woman said.

“That never helped; them still pull him out of the place and shoot him in his head,” she lamented, adding that Gordon was not from the area, and that he only went there to visit his two daughters.

However the police say they were in the area searching for gunmen who were suspected of involvement in Monday’s murder of two cops and the injury of six others, when they were challenged by gunmen.  The cops say they returned the fire and the three were found dead.

There is no report of firearms being seized.  The Bureau of Special Investigations in probing the deaths of the three men.

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