Come die for us; just do not commit any crime

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

The case of Rohan Coombs who was born in Jamaica emigrated to the US at age 6 grew up there then join the US Marine Corp where he served in Japan, Philippines and then in the Persian gulf and now find himself locked up in a detention centre awaiting deportation back to Jamaica demonstrate the double standard of the US.

I am the first to say that a crime is a crime and whether it is committed by a person born in the US or someone who immigrated there as a child is irrelevant and both should be punished for these crimes.  However, what I find distasteful is the fact that a legal immigrant to the US, it is ok for them to join the arm services allow themselves to be sent to some godforsaken hell hole around the world and that is perfectly fine with the US, but god forbid that you happen to commit a crime you are then package up like sardines and sent back to your birth country without a though of what will happen to that person.

I believe that the Jamaican government should show some back bone and refuse to let Mr Coombs back in Jamaica after all Mr Coombs leave Jamaica at the age of 6, he has spend 37 years in the US he has not contribute anything to Jamaica the government or the community.  The US is the country that has gotten everything that he has to give and regardless that he has committed a crime he is one person that should not be send back to Jamaica.

I find it hard to understand the mentality of some government. On one hand they are saying that it is fine for an individual to fight and give their life for their adopted country, but if you step out of line then that country has no obligation to you whatsoever, and that I find deplorable. How can we call ourselves civilised when we undertake these kinds of decisions that are clearly bias and really should not play any part in a progressive society.

How ironic that if Mr Coombs had die in any of the places that he was sent by the US then he would have been given automatic citizenship and buried as such, so this is saying that if you die we will treat you very well but we do not give a toss about you if you are alive, therefore it would have been better for Mr Coombs if he had been killed while in the commission of his duties.

I am not saying that from what I have read that Mr Coombs conducted himself as a stand up citizen and I realise that he did have his fair share of problems why he decided to turn to drugs to blot out the problems he was encountering he is the only one that can say, and I am not condoning his behaviour in turning to drugs and selling drugs to undercover police officer, which he has spend eight months in prison for.  As the saying goes ‘until you walk a mile in some else’s shoe, you are in no position to judge then’, I am not judging Mr Coombs.

In my opinion what the US is purporting to do to Mr Coombs is condescending and downright disgusting and I cannot believe that other national even those that have immigrated to the US legitimately should be queuing up to join their military.  Mr Coombs case should act as a blue-print to anyone who have the idea that they want to serve US as they believe that having immigrated there they owe some dues to the country, should think twice because you can gladly give your life, but do not make a human mistake of committing a crime because you will then be treated like a leper.

This situation makes me rather angry to think that a so called- democracy would treat its inhabitant in this manner then have the gall to want to tell other nations how to behave. I cannot recall who utter these words but it goes “the measure of a country integrity is the manner in which it treat its prisoners” I find that absolutely spot on.  If a country such as the US cannot treat individuals that have fought in war to protect the integrity of the US, in the manner in which they are treating Mr Coombs then they have no rights in telling other how to treat their citizens.

I can understand why country like Iran is telling the US to mind it own business and this is precisely why, they need to get their house in order before they dictate to the rest of the world how to clean their houses and so long as these kind of injustices are undertaken by the US then they should shut up and leave other country to run their affairs.

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