Berlusconi to young women: Marry rich

BERLUSCONI... Iā€™m loaded

ROME, Italy (AP) ā€” Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has advised young women to follow the money when looking for a partner, saying women like him and “I’m loaded”.

The billionaire businessman appeared at a convention recently of the youth wing of his People of Freedom party. When questioned by one of his Cabinet ministers ā€” a woman ā€” he joked about marriages of convenience, saying women were lining up for him because “I’m a nice guy” and “I’m loaded”.

He also recalled a much-criticised TV interview he once gave, when “I said to a girl to look for a wealthy boyfriend. This suggestion is not unrealistic”.

He also claimed women favor older men, thinking that “he’s old. He dies and I inherit”.

The 73-year-old Berlusconi was engulfed in a sex scandal last year centring on his purported dalliances with young women, including an escort. Berlusconi’s wife Veronica Lario said last year she was seeking a divorce. They are now separated.

The media baron has said he is “no saint” but denied ever paying for sex.

In Italy, a divorce can only be sought after three years of separation. Media reports this summer suggested that Berlusconi’s wife has rejected his early proposals for a financial settlement.

Berlusconi often gets criticised for his earthy sense of humour.

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