Children and drugs

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Yet another family is devastated by the death of a child and once again the use of drugs maybe the cause of this unfortunate incident.

When will young people learn that drugs is not ‘cool’ it is not hip and the more they experiment with hard core drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin and ecstasy they are putting themselves in danger and if they do not become addicted then most will die.

The epidemic of drugs is out of control and the families who are left to pick up the pieces when a child die following the use of drugs is taking its toll on our society.  Irrespective of what the authority do to control the flow of drugs in our community there are however, the unscrupulous individual who will do everything in their power to ensure the drug trade continue and more and more young people become addicts.

It is now time for us to educate effectively young people about the individual that traffic drugs and stop colour coding the problem by letting them believe that drug barons are some sleazy person in our community.  The trafficking of drugs can never be undertaken by the poor of society drug trafficking require a sophisticate organisation and that can only achieve by individuals with the money to do so.

Drug takers need to understand that the individuals that are involved in the drugs trade do not use the products their children go the best university about and are banned from taking drugs, yet they are quite willing to send the flow of drugs in our community to pollute our children because the community is primarily make up of poor and destitute people and young people see drugs as the way out of poverty and if we do not change this way of thinking and give young people a positive stake within their community then we are going to have more Serena Harding.

This beautiful young lady lost her life even before it began, someone who should have so much to offer to her community is dead because of drugs we must not and cannot allow this trend to continue and the government have a tremendous role to play in ensuring that drugs are kept off our street and the perpetrators of vile and outrageous act are found, tried, convicted and imprison, our young people is crying out for action and we must give it to them.

It is naive of anyone to believe that we can eradicate the use of drugs but we have to reduce the flow to a trickle in order to save more of the next generation, drugs and it use have cost the NHS millions to help addicts, for counselling, programmes to ensure they have a safe place to go when they decide to be free of drugs and that is not just a financial burden for the NHS but the community as a whole and we have to address this trend as a matter of urgency and do not wait until we lose another young person to drugs before we again start putting our hands in the air and asking why?

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