Buzz off! Thousands of bees cling to Michigan SUV

Bee Swarm - For visual effect only, was not featured in story

HOLLAND, Mich. – A beekeeper came to the rescue after a sport utility vehicle was swarmed by thousands of bees. Tanya Young of Hudsonville told The Grand Rapids Press her husband called Thursday to let her know that the bees had made the front bumper of her Honda their new home. She said she thought it was a joke.

The bees rattled the nerves of some neighborhood residents, who kept children indoors and shut windows. The bees had been living in a nearby tree, but it’s unclear why they decided to swarm the SUV.

Beekeeper Jim Zoerner was called to help collect them. He and a colleague worked for about an hour and collected the bees in a wooden box hive.

Zoerner said there were no reports of bad stings.

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