Burqa ban – Will French official become target for Al Qaeda?

By Sandrea

Following the unexpected ruling by France highest legal authority which will see a ban on burqa from next northern spring will Al Qaeda now target the French authority?

As been indicated in the You Tube video below there seems to be a direct threat to the French authority, are these threats now going to be taken seriously?

The fundamental aspects of this ban is whether it wiii divide the countries and what are the after effects of this decision could do to other European countries that border France.  Not only will individual that wear the burqa in public be charged for wearing a full face veil or any mask in public, but anyone who force someone to wear the mask will be fine or could go to prison for one year.

I do not think that anyone should have to live their lives in fear however, given the current climate and the fact that whether we wish to accept it or not the world has changed significantly since 9/11 and terrorist and terrorism is now part and parcel of our daily lives.  We have no ideas where and when these fanatical people will strike and these kinds of decisions seems to be what they thrive on in order to justify their outrageous behaviour.

It is understandable that the French government has to do what they believe is right for their country.  But when you have different religious group occupying the same environment then it is important that whatever law that is enact has to be laws that do not appear to penalise one group over another.

Traditionally, the burqa is part and parcel of the Muslim women attire and they have wore these garment for centuries and I can imagine that it going to be extremely difficult for them to adopt the policy that France has imposed on them and this will definitely give the fundamentalist within the Muslim community the ability to claim that their faith and their women are been targeted and therefore to protect their rights they can undertake atrocities, and this is the scary part of this legislation.

As been stated, “The constitutional council had recognised, he said, that the Government had a right to “impose minimum rules for social life as well as the principle of equality between men and women”. The question becomes whose social life and whose principle of equality?

I sincerely hope that when this ban comes into force it will not become a noose around the neck of the French authorities and there will not be a backlash because of this because it is not only the French that will suffer their neighbours as has much to fear, even if we do not see country like the UK going fowar with sucah a ban.

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