Burning the Koran is Idiotic

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Burning of the Koran by Pastor Wayne Sapp under the supervision of Terry Jones is idiotic, stupid and once again proves that some of the practitioners of the Christian faith have no clue in what the religion is all about.  This type of behaviour is tantamount to a complete lack of respect for other faith and beliefs.

Pastor Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones seem to forget that the last dictator, namely Adolf Hitler, who supervises the burning of books, was defeated.   The Koran, like the Bible does not preaches hate however some of the proponents of both faiths who does not have any respect or tolerance for others, they are the ones who have misguidedly use these books for their own personal, warp and idiotic beliefs to inflict pain and suffering on each other.

Where do these people get off calling themselves Christians yet in the house of God, where they are suppose to be preaching love, tolerance, respect and the desire to accept each other’s faith without judgement they are burning the Koran.  Do they believe that by undertaking such futile and clearly stupid act they will somehow stop the fanatical aspect of the Islamic faith from continuously undertaking their atrocities against other faith including their own people?

The fact that fewer than thirty people attended this so-called trial of the Koran shows that true Christians do not agree with this behaviour and they have more intelligence to know what Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones is doing is no better than the very people they claimed that the Koran and it’s teaching cause these Muslim people to carry out terror against westerner.

There is a quote that I came across recently and I believe it adequately sums up the behaviour of both these so-called Pastor. “Some dogs should be left sleeping, because once they start barking the whole neighbourhood is awake”.  There is nothing holy in stirring up hatred for other, as Christians we should have the ability to rise above the pettiness of other.  Some Islamic supporters may see us as ‘infidels’, but that is their choice but we do not have to reciprocate their ignorant attitude.

I am appalled to think that the Christian faith that I believe in could have individuals with such bigoted attitude.  Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his most trusted and yet he refrain from hatred and believe that we all sin and come short of the glory of God and therefore, we should have the same propensity to forgive even our enemies.

There is nowhere in Islamic faith or the Koran where hatred of your fellow man is written and if some shallow-minded individuals choose to interpret section of the Koran for their selfishness and use it to create havoc, then they will have to bear the responsibility of their stupidity.  We should not use the Christian faith to behave appallingly and justify it by the action of those two idiots that called themselves pastor; they would not know the meaning of being a Pastor if it jumps up and bit them on the nose.

Their actions are not those of the majority of Christians it is just the actions of individuals who believe they can acquire free publicity and get their 15 minutes in the spotlight.  They need to go back and read the ‘Bible’ thoroughly and realise that their actions are futile and goes against everything that the Christians faith stands for.

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