British police should be furious

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It never fails to amaze me how inept and totally disrespectful this government is to both its citizen and in particular the police service.

I am not a particular fan of the British police because I believe that there are elements within the force that because of their actions have put the service and the people it should serve against each other and until those officers are rooted out there is always going to be problems within police and the community.

However, where does David Cameron get off insulting the police service, by going abroad and employing an ex police officer who himself had to deal with over 400 gangs within its jurisdiction, and not successful, to insult the British police, telling them how to do their jobs, was a disrespectful behaviour on Cameron part.

The move made David Cameron and is coalition government appears weak and incapable of dealing with the internal problems of the country and does not say much for this so-called coalition government, the Prime Minister having to  run overseas the first sign of trouble looking for individuals to tell us how to manage our affairs, what utter twaddle.

I am totally in agreement with the British police; they have a right to be furious with David Cameron, he has shown a lack of respect for the service, his action tantamount to a Prime Minister being scared and not having the bottle to effectively manage the affairs of the country a job that the majority of people was well aware that he was not qualified to do in the first place and his actions following the riots only confirm what the majority of the country already knows.

Irrespective of the fact that there may have been problems with how the police react to the riots and there could be a possibility that they did not get everything right but they did their best and we should be grateful, for despite the facts that odds were against them, their present on the streets of London prevented the communities from been destroyed more severely than it was.

David Cameron should be congratulating them, not showing the weakness that he has by rushing to appoint an individual that could not even take care of his gang problem, so how in hell is he going to take care of ours.  If Mr Cameron believes that is actions over the last few days have made the citizen of this country have any confidence in him then he has seriously misjudged the public.  We want strong leadership, and is behaviour does not show signs of a strong leader and he will find out his mistakes come the next election, because the people of the UK will not forget how weak and incompetent he was during a time of crisis.

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