British cop’s sister charged with looting

A POLICEWOMAN’S dad said he felt ashamed after another of his daughters was charged with looting during the recent London riots.

Bar owner Dan Foley, 48, suffered a sleepless night as cop Lisa Foley, 28, tackled rioters in the city last Monday, The Sun said.

But he was unaware that her sister Laura Foley, 22, was at the scene when thieves smashed into a store in Croydon, south London.

To make matters worse, the girls’ mother, 47-year-old Michelle Foley, works for London police as an emergency service call operator.

Nightclub worker Laura Foley confessed to her dad after fearing that she was caught on CCTV. He handed her over to cops, and she is now on bail after appearing in court on a burglary charge.

“Lisa was risking her life while her sister was inside that shop with the scum of the earth. She can’t bring herself to even talk to Laura because she’s so ashamed,” Dan Foley said.

But he insisted that his wayward daughter is not a “bad girl” and supported her at court.

“Unlike the majority of scumbags whose parents couldn’t give a damn, I was with her,” he said. “I’ll be going to see Lisa to try to calm things down between them. She’s a great copper and doesn’t deserve [abuse] from her colleagues over this.”

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