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By Sandrea: My Gripe

Bound baby Facebook photograph It is unbelievable that Mr Curry is pleading not guilty to aggravated domestic battery for bounding a 22-month-old baby and having the audacity to photograph the child and put the picture on Facebook.

His behaviour is deplorable and in bad taste, and if he believes that Facebook user find anything funny in what he did, he is fooling himself in a big way.

Child exploit is one of the biggest issues that face our environment, and nothing that promotes child exploit can be seen as funny. Parents are supposed to protect their children, not subject them that those ridiculous abuses and I hope that they throw the book at him.

How much more child exploits can we allow our society to tolerate? And I suppose that Mr Curry believes that displaying his child in such a manner is cool. Well, he needs to know that I find that deplorable.

The video below from YouTube is a typical example of abuse children and the numbers thereof; to see someone in a powerful country like the US using is the child in that manner defy logic.


If you feel as angry as I do, please leave your comments; I would like to see how many people feel disgusted about Mr Curry behaviour.

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