Big talk, little substance

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

I find it laughable the Prime Minister talking about ‘moral collapse’, morality begins with those in power that have no compunction in constantly stepping on the so-called under-class of society and using them to further their greed.

If the government really want to instigate morality within the nation then the first thing they should do is to give back parent the rights, which they have eroded over many years, to raise their children with discipline and manners.  Then they need to have government minister that are above reproach and not minister that fiddle expenses and dupe the nations with lies and half-truth.

Morality is a commendable attribute, but you cannot try to instil morality within the nation by taking away the subsidy and housing that many poor and unfortunate people find themselves having to rely on, you cannot brand every young person has been lazy or idle and before you cast stones about morality and its effect on the nation then the government should put back the resources that they have taken away from community leaders in order that they can use the funding to create job opportunity and establish areas where young people can go to and get off the street.

We should not need a riot for government to understand that idle hands and a sense of not belonging anywhere are even feel as part of society is one of the reason why young people feel that they have to create havoc to be heard.

This government and others have always ignored the fundamental social issues that give people a sense of pride.  They seems to forget that since the2 world war lack of employment have been going up and up and they are not doing a single thing to address this issue yet they have the unmitigating gall to stigmatised the citizen of this country.

They have systematically over many years erode the welfare system, thousands of young people have left school, college and university and despite all of their best effort they cannot find employment and now that a riot occur suddenly we start hearing buzz word like ‘moral’.  This government is a classic example of putting the ‘cart before the horse’.

A couple a months ago we have a problem and suddenly the word ‘multiculturalism’ was the buzz word of the day and I have not seen any signs that any part of the government is proceeding with any action to further improve so-called multiculturalism.

What the citizen of this country want to see are industry and the government being fair, not see chairman who allowed their company to be bankrupt ending up getting millions in hand out, not to see government minister without moral.  If he truly wants to establish a moral compass in the nation then he must begin with the government and then industry and just maybe when the nation can see the honesty within these organisations then maybe we can begin to filter down morality to the rest of the nation

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