Are women selling something; are men buying?

A man’s point of view

AS men, it doesn’t matter if we are 18, 26 or 45, we’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to spend money in order to get some young lady’s attention. While this is not new or uncommon, it seems to have taken on a new dimension over time. Some women now think that in order for them to consider talking to you, or being with you, you need to be able to show the capacity to “run di money”.

Now, while nothing is wrong with buying things for your lady, some women will simply not give of their love/affection or themselves without the prospect of money being exchanged and this has led me to wonder if that is any better than the exchange system used by the ladies of the night. So the question then is, are women now taking the spending of money by their male interest to the point of actually selling themselves?

One only needs to look at the male/female relationships from its onset to see evidence of this. When a man decides to pursue a young lady, he is expected to take her out and shower her with expensive gifts as a token of his affection. Mark you, there’s nothing wrong with taking out a girl you like and if you are so inclined, and are at the stage where you feel you want to buy her a little gift here and there, that is completely OK. The problem is when in the initial states of the relationship, this particular female expects you to pay the $5,000 for her fortnightly hairstyle or to go to French Connection even though you have just begun to pursue her. This request of constant cash is a prerequisite for any chance of you getting her time or her affection. So, in essence, you are paying her to consider dating you or to give of her affection.

So then ladies, what has happened to the notion of getting to know a man in order to find out if he is the kind with good attributes and so on? Is it now just a matter of economics and who has the money to spend that informs your decision of being with a man or not?

I have had the pleasure or displeasure of seeing this economic transaction even on campus on a very regular basis. Here, you would see a young man who is at university pursuing higher education and trying to win over a young lady, falling short because he has not reached the level where he is financially astute. The young lady, of course, decides not to give in to his advances because of this and seeks instead to give herself to a professional who already has a job — more than likely older — and has a certain status in society. In essence, she will choose the highest bidder even if he has another or other women.

All this because this man can drive her around in his nice car, probably take her to high society events where she can mingle with the rich and famous and also ‘afford’ to have her. Money wins in the end without thought for whether the man with the money will be a good man or not. Isn’t that selling yourselves?

I’m sure there are many women out there who might be turning red with anger while reading this, however, this issue is not something drawn out of the air, it is happening. The essential point is that while men will, and should, treat women (especially if they are in a relationship) to gifts and so on, women shouldn’t stoop to the level where their decision on who they’re with is solely dependent on how much he can spend or what he can do for them financially. Money can’t buy true happiness but hey, that is just my two cents on the matter.

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