By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Are we truly alone is the age old question that many people have been asking themselves for century and we still have not, if we believe our respective government, there are no such thing as aliens.

But how can we possible ignore the many sightings of alien aircraft or explained fully and honestly the encounter that individuals such as policemen army officials and ordinary human being have experienced.  Why do we find it so easy to dismiss anything that has not personally happen to us and see the people that undergo these experiences as nothing more than nut-cases?

We can cast our minds back to Roswell and although there have been various eye witness report as to the fact that a spacecraft landed there, government have gone to extreme lengths to make us believe that what landed in Roswell was nothing more than a weather balloon and they expect us to swallow that idiotic story without asking any question, how gullible do they really thing we are?

NASA scientists have now reported that they have found fossil remains in a meteorite that they are attributing to alien life form.  How long is going to take the government to disavow this story and once again come up with some cock and bull story that they expect us to believe.

Human beings have a nerve to believe that we are the only one occupying this vast universe.  I wonder what make us so special that we can believe that we are the only living and breathing supposedly human existing in this galaxy.

I do not believe that many of us will ever be privilege to behold an alien being so our experience will be from those that are fortunate to come into contact with these beings and we should not see these individuals as nut cases but we should be willing to explore the possibilities that we have other being visiting our planet and that somewhere out there others do exist, whether they have human features or not we should not dismiss the idea so readily.

In my personal opinion I do believe that there are other being out there and that one day maybe not in my life time but they will eventual come out of their clandestine shadow and reveal themselves in ways that no government will be able to sweep it under the carpet and tell the people what they believe that they want to hear.

The vast majority of Christians believe in the bible and Revelation chapter 10 verse 1 states “And I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven clothed with cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as it were the sun and his feet as a pillar of fire”.  So there you go if the bible is telling us that angels will be coming from heaven why not alien beings from another planet.

Human being should not be so closed-minded, we should not believe that somehow we are exceptional and that nowhere else is anyone or anybody remotely like us are even have the capability to be better than us, more advance and have the capacity to do things better that we can. Let us open our minds to the fact that we are one cog in the universe wheel and that somewhere out there, there are other cogs which keep the wheel of life turning, and we are a part of a large chain with human beings just been one link.