Amy Winehouse joins the 27 age death list

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

The tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse on Saturday will left a devastating gap within the UK music industry and  her fans will miss her terrible.

What is the significance of artist dying at the age of 27; it is unbelievable that these artistes such as Janis Joplin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Jonathan Brandis and now Amy Winehouse all died at the age of 27.
There as to be something wrong with achieving fame and fortune and once one reaches that stage in their life these individuals seems to find it hard to carry on in the world that most have created for themselves and once they have tasted fame and fortune what could them made them so unhappy that they believe that dead is preferable to living.
The great majority of people who crave fame and fortune should really learn from these individual experience and realise that fame is not all that it crack up to be and that ‘not all that glitter is gold’. There has to be a bad omen attached to this, how else one can explain this anomaly.
Amy Winehouse may have had her fair share of problems and who does not and I am sure that there are many that will say that she inflicts the drugs and alcohol on herself and she can only blame herself for her own death.  However, unless you walked into the shoe of Amy Winehouse, understand what it feel to be in the music industry then it is not wise for anyone to criticise her and her life style and now her death.
Society need to take some blame in the deaths of these individual that lost their lives at the age of 27, we put so must pressure, stress and strain on people who we build into stars and once they are stars, we hounded them for every little bit of gossip that we can and when they fall from grace we ditch them like yesterday’s garbage and it is time that we as a society treat people better.
The paparazzi more than anyone else is to be blamed for the problem that most celebrity have, they find it so easy to put these people on pedestal and equally easy to destroy them when they no longer is of benefit to the prying eyes of the media.
People’s life is at stake and if we are to emerge as a caring society it is imperative for the world to demonstrate that we can show compassion to individuals that we have built into stardom and when they fall off the wagon we need to equally show how compassionate we can be.  It is not everyone that can deal with stardom, even though they believe at the outset that they can but once they get to where they want to the script becomes different from the movie.
My sympathy goes out to Amy Winehouse family and I hope they will be left in peace to deal with losing their family member at the tender age of 27.

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